The “Butterfly Kisses” dance is for the purpose of promoting healthy father/daughter relationships; to give fathers or father figures the opportunity to give their daughters a positive self-concept, and the expectation of being treated with respect by the men in their lives.

This dance gives dads the opportunity to set the dating standards for their daughter at an early age, and may stave off countless pitfalls offered by a society that glorifies immorality. This also gives dads an opportunity to create a special memory with his daughter that she will remember for years to come. The concept is taken from a story featured in Focus on the Family magazine.

At the dance we often have a dad speak on what it means to him to be the father of a daughter. We offer food, beverages, and a picture taken with their daughter. The dance runs for two hours with a DJ. We started many years ago with about 150 people at two dances. Last year we had over 4000 people attending 9 dances.

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