About Us

Encore Entertainment revels in the creative process. We turn words, ideas, technical effects, costumes, skills, laughter, and relationships into a performance. Our intent is to provide both an opportunity to entertain; and the joy of being entertained. We have been a part of the Northern Colorado theater community since 1992 and look forward to seeing you at our next production.

Encore!Encore! Performances

1992  Kaleidoscope
1993  Kaleidoscope 2
1994  Golden Radio
1995  More Golden Radio
1996  Those Fabulous Fifties
1997  Great Moments
1997  Castle Capers
1998  Tanks for the Memories                                         Butterfly Kisses begins
1999  Encore!Encore! Goes to Hollywood
2000  As Time Goes By
2001  Phantom of the Castle
2002  Bermuda Bound
2003  What’s left of the Best of the West
2004  Remote Control
2005  Seven Keys to Baldpate                                         Lost Marbles Theatrics begins
2006  A Show for All Seasons
2007  Play On!
2008  Exit the Body
2009  Seven Keys to Baldpate (Baldpate Inn and Lincoln Center)
2009  Don’t Drink the Water
2010  Seven Keys to Baldpate (Baldpate Inn)
2010  Arsenic and Old Lace
2011  Seven Keys to Baldpate (Baldpate Inn)
2011  Arsenic and Old Lace (Baldpate Inn)
2011  The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 (Rialto)
2012  The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 (Lincoln Center)
2013  Seven Keys to Baldpate-Radio Play (Baldpate Inn)
2013  The Red Velvet Cake War
2014  Over the River and Through the Woods-Readers Theater (Baldpate Inn)
2014  Over the River and Through the Woods
2015  The Game’s Afoot
2016  The Princess Bride-Interactive Film
2017  Seven Keys to Baldpate (Baldpate Inn)
2017  Is He Dead?
2018 Around the World in 80 Days
2019 Mom’s Gift
2022 Screwball Comedy
2023 Suite Surrender

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